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Electrical Contractor and Electrical Retrolift in Wheat Ridge, CO

When you have electrical issues in your Wheat Ridge, CO, home or want to upgrade your business’s electrical system, don’t try to do the work yourself to save money. Turn to a trained and licensed electrician for safe and accurate work and avoid injury, ongoing power disruptions, or damage to your property.

For work that exceeds expectations without breaking the bank, call Green Home Electric. Our Denver-based team of residential and commercial electricians provides unmatched service to homes and commercial buildings. Whether you have an emergency with a commercial electrical system or want to upgrade your home with an EV charger installation, we’re ready to help.

Commercial and Residential Electrician in Wheat Ridge

Commercial Electrician in Wheat Ridge, CO Adjusting Wires

Modern life means that homes and businesses require safe and reliable electrical systems to support heavy demand. This means many older homes need an electrical retrofit to power everything without constantly tripping the breaker switch. If you have a newer structure, you might invest in smart home electrical installation to future-proof your property.

Businesses also benefit from our unmatched expertise. From lighting installation with features that save money to reliable backup power generators, we’ll keep your business up and running with top-notch electrical installation and repair.

Green Home Electric offers affordable services for all commercial or residential electrical services. In addition to our extensive menu of services, we prioritize code compliance and follow the National Electrical Contractors’ best practices to ensure every job is perfect.

Smart Home Installation, EV and Tesla Charger Installation in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Homeowner in Wheat Ridge, CO Using a Smart Home InstallationWheat Ridge, CO, is one of the leading producers of carnations in the world, earning it the nickname “Carnation City.” The fast-growing suburb of Denver has deep roots in farming that still define the community today. Residents and visitors enjoy abundant farmer’s markets and produce stands, as well as hundreds of acres of outdoor spaces for exploring.

Green Home Electric keeps electric vehicle drivers on the move with EV charger installations. Most residences can support a Level 1 EV charger in an existing outlet, but for rapid charging, you need a more robust 240-volt Level 2 charger. Our EV and Tesla charger installation makes this possible by upgrading the electrical panel, so you never have to worry about extra-long charging times or running out of battery life on the road.

Whatever your electrical needs in Wheat Ridge, Green Home Electric is standing by to help. Contact us when you want to schedule service or get emergency help from an electrician 24 hours a day.